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Food supplement Fish oil capsules, 100 g

# 500681     100 g    
Omega-3 acids and vitamins

Omega-3 acids and vitamins contained in golden fish-capsules are essential for harmonic development of kids organism. They contributes to the proper retina formation, strengthens memory and all-round development of nerve and cardiovascular systems. Specially designed form facilitates its dosing and intake, as well as prevents product oxidation.

Recommended use

Children take 1 capsule twice a day with meals (entire capsule or squeeze the content by separating its tail).

Lněný olej, ester mastné kyseliny, pocházející z rybího tuku, vitamíny E, A, D3, želatina.

Složení Obsah ve 2 kapslích RHP*
Lněný olej 580 mg  
Rybí olej 415,8 mg  
Omega-3 nenasycené mastné kyseliny 312 mg  
Kyselina eikosapentaénová 174 mg  
Kyselina dokosahexaenová 82 mg  
Vitamín E (DL-alfa-tokoferyl-acetát) 3 mg  
Vitamín E 3 mg 25%
Vitamín A (retinyl-palmitát) 0,8 mg  
Vitamín A 0,4 mg 100%
Vitamín D3 (cholekalciferol) 0,4 mg  
Vitamín D3 10 µg 200%
Želatinová kapsle 560 mg  

*RHP – referenční hodnotu příjmu.